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-Basic Information-
Name: Greg
Zodiac/Birthday Leo/August 14th, 1986
Age: 19
What are your goals/aspirations?: To become a voice actor mainly, and to make sure that my family is well kept for.
Where do you see yourself in Five Years?: I see myself still cosplaying, maybe having a job in voice acting or somewhere elase.
Do you have a Pet?: Yes! I have a dog! She's a yellow lab and one of the cutest things that is most precious to me.
Do You Read?: Sometimes.

Likes: Dogs, anime, video games, manga, friends, cats, cosplay, food
Dislikes: Not good food, rude people, racism, homophobia
Personal Hero: Ooh, too many to name.
Favorite Movie: Another hard question to answer, but Equilibrium is up there.
Favorite Book: Probably the LOTR trilogy.
Favorite Animal: Cats and Dogs.

Please List Five Songs that would be on a soundtrack to your life:
1)Late Goodbye by Poets of the Fall
2)Shangri-la by angela
3)Must Be Dreaming by Frou Frou
4)No Boy, No Cry by Stance Punks,
5)GO!!! by Flow

This or That?
Chaos or Order? Order
Emotion or Nothingness? Emotion
Totalterian Government or Democracy? Democracy
Dystopia or Utopia? Dystopia
Pain or Pleasure? Need to have a bit of both.
Coke/Pepsi? Coke.
Cats or Dogs? Can't decide on one.

The Devil's In the Movie's Details
If you had to kill your best friend because they were breaking the law would you? I don't think I could, unless it was absolutely necessary.
If You knew a member of your family were breaking a law, would you turn them in? I don't think I could.
You are trapped on a Desert Island. What do you bring? What I need to survive.
If you had to choose any fictional character/ Real Person to Get Drunk with who would you choose? *shrugs* Probably Sephiroth from Final Fantasy, or Luis from Resident Evil 4.

This is the Photography section. Please post three photos of yourself
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope that's all that is needed.
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