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Tread softly...

-Basic Information-
Name: Jenny
Zodiac/Birthday Cancer
Age: 33
What are your goals/aspirations?: I take things one day at a time
Where do you see yourself in Five Years?: Honestly, I don't spend that much time speculating about the distant future
Do you have a Pet?: (feel free to show him/her/it off if you do! If not just go ahead and chat about um for a while) Yes. I have two cats (Jack, who is a orange-colored streetcat whom we took in and Maddie, who is a purebred Bengal)
Do You Read?: Of course

Likes: Meditation, coffee, fresh breath, books, movies, etc
Dislikes: Aggression, abuse, bigotry, etc
Personal Hero: My grandmother
Favorite Movie: I have many. But Dark City is the first that comes to mind
Favorite Book: The Sleep Of Stone by Louise Cooper
Favorite Animal: Otters

Please List Five Songs that would be on a soundtrack to your life (No need to provide links/lyrics) (1) Woman In Chains by Tears For Fears (2) Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd (3) Learning To Smile by Everclear (4) Waiting Line by Zero 7 (5) Lump by Presidents Of The USA

This or That? This
Chaos or Order? Order
Emotion or Nothingness? Emotion
Totalterian Government or Democracy? Democracy
Dystopia or Utopia? Utopia
Pain or Pleasure? Pleasure
Coke/Pepsi? Neither
Cats or Dogs? Cats

The Devil's In the Movie's Details
If you had to kill your best friend because they were breaking the law would you? No
If You knew a member of your family were breaking a law, would you turn them in? No
You are trapped on a Desert Island. What do you bring? A computer with internet access to communicate with the outside world
If you had to choose any fictional character/ Real Person to Get Drunk with who would you choose? Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

This is the Photography section. Please post three photos of yourself

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