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Tread softly...

Yeah... guess I didn't realize the community was open.

-Basic Information-
Name: Kristin
Zodiac/Birthday Capricorn/January 17th
Age: 14
What are your goals/aspirations?: To help others that can't help themselves in the future.
Where do you see yourself in Five Years?: In college.
Do you have a Pet?: I have a gray-and-white long haired cat named Chewie; she's very anti-social most of the time, but when she's not, she can be quite the sweetheart.
Do You Read?: Yes.

Likes: Shopping, helping out, working, movies, superheroes...
Dislikes: Procrastinators, whiners, helplessness.
Personal Hero: Fictionally, Robin. In real life, my brother Deane and my dad.
Favorite Movie: Disney's Haunted Mansion
Favorite Book: 'Burning Up' by Caroline B. Cooney
Favorite Animal: Bird/wolf/butterfly

Please List Five Songs that would be on a soundtrack to your life (No need to provide links/lyrics)Hmm, that's tough.
'Unwell' by Matchbox Twenty
'These Boots' by Jessica Simpson
'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson ( my theme )
'Dare You To Move' by Switchfoot
'If You Still Believe' - Dennis Martin

This or That?
Chaos or Order? Order
Emotion or Nothingness? Emotion
Totalterian Government or Democracy? Hm...democracy.
Dystopia or Utopia? Utopia.
Pain or Pleasure? Pleasure
Coke/Pepsi? Coke
Cats or Dogs? Dogs

The Devil's In the Movie's Details
If you had to kill your best friend because they were breaking the law would you? No, I wouldn't. I'd make them learn the hard way; chances are, it would hurt, but I'd probably throw them in jail or prison. I tend to lose a lot of respect for people when it comes to that anyway, so I'm sure I wouldn't have any regrets.
If You knew a member of your family were breaking a law, would you turn them in? It's not like I haven't done it before.
You are trapped on a Desert Island. What do you bring? I'm really tired of these type of questions. Stuff for survival. I'm not listing anything.
If you had to choose any fictional character/ Real Person to Get Drunk with who would you choose? None of them.

This is the Photography section. Please post three photos of yourself
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