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Equilibrium. Written off in the time when the Matrix was making it big, it was basically an updated version of 1984. However, like most little-recognized films it did not fail to accumulate a collective of loyal yet devoted fans. From the Die-Hard to the "It has Christan Bale in it?" We welcome all of you to Liberia and a world inhabited by Outlaws, Heroes, and Humanity just trying to make its way in the world.

All images are taken from This Site And screencaps are copyright thusly in their direction. For brush credit (what little there is) see my personal journal. Please obey the Rules. Thank you.
-The Tetragrammaton.
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1. You must join to be rated.
2. Put "Tread Softly" in the Tagline
3. Fill out the survey.
4. Post at least three clear images of yourself behind an lj cut. You can post more if you want, but it's not necessary.
5. There must be a minimum of FIVE votes before you're stamped.
6. NO MOCKING ENTRIES. Sense offense is a punishable crime.
7. Behave Maturely. Overly emotional behavior is not tolerated.
8. If you don't really match any character then we'll stamp you as a "Liberian Resident" or a "Freedom Fighter" We cannot all be Grammaton Clerics so stuff it.
This Rating Community is Part of the Biohazardpanda Ring. Rules are not unique to these particular comms, however the basic rulelist has been altered to fit the subject and nature of this community. Thank you. Please see Livejournal for Credit in relation to images/brushes

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John Preston

Errol Partridge

Mary O'Brian

Cleric Brandt

Vice Counsul Dupont

Misc. Characters

Lisa Preston

Robbie Preston



Vivanna Preston

-Misc Stamps-

Grammaton Cleric

Grammaton Cleric: Second Class

Sweeper/Police Officer

Liberian Citizen

Resistence Member

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You know you want it:family_guy_rate

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Arrive at your destination. qt_rating

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Candy is Dandy but Rating makes you squeecandw_rating

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Its cute, its kooky, its tenchi_rating

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Robots, Scientists, Alchemy. fm_a_rating

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Find yourself in the city with no people. chbts_rating

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The Force is With You at sw_rating

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Evil Fears The Dark Kight, Does it Fear you at batman_rating

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Equilibrium is Love A Movie

I do not own or claim to own anything associated with Equilibrium. I am not affiliated with anyone related to the project or the production. I am simply a fan expressing appreciation for an enjoyable work and trying to contribute something that others can enjoy. This is fictional. these rating tests are for fun. However this rating test is rated R for mature themes so please tread softly